This post is not in character. Just in case there was any doubt. 

Sometimes we need a reminder to thank people. God puts all sorts of Christians in our lives to teach us things about the Bible and about Him. How often do we thank Him for the teaching those people give us? How often do we thank those people? That’s what this hashtag is all about: #ThankATheologian.

Each week on Sunday and Monday, I invite you to thank someone who has taught you something about God. Now, I hope that you have been blessed by so-called “big name” preachers and authors, but that’s not who this hashtag is aiming to thank. I’d like to hear you publicly thank local theologians who have helped you in your walk with God. Really, all Christians are theologians to some degree. You could thank your pastor, friend, family member: whomever. Be specific. If they have helped you with understanding sanctification, thank them specifically for that. The tweet could look something like this:

“I’d like to thank @PastorJohnDoe for helping me understand how to pray. #ThankATheologian.”

Late Sunday and Monday are typically the lowest points of the week for people in ministry. Let’s minister back to them by thanking them at those times. Hey, I may even retweet you. 😉